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Hypnotherapy is a form of therapy that utilises hypnosis and naturally occurring trance phenomena. The soothing and empowering hypnosis phenomena helps people to unlock the internal resources within themselves. Hypnotherapy is absolutely safe and natural, there are no harmful side effects. Hypnotherapy when administered by a trained professional is a powerful tool that can benefit individuals achieving long-lasting benefits.

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Recent decades have brought significant insight into the effects of hypnosis on the human body and brain. Hypnosis is the subject of rigorous research conducted at world-leading organisations such as the University of Stanford. 

The research helps us to understand that hypnosis is not a magic trick, but a naturally occurring state of mind and in my work. Additionally, it can be a really pleasant experience for a hypnotised person, therefore, I do everything in my power to make the experience very gentle, pleasant and really safe.


I understand that for some people the thought of being hypnotised makes them feel nervous or tense, some people may fear losing control or revealing their secrets. If this sounds familiar to you, please feel free to contact me to discuss how we can make hypnosis work for you.

Your safety and comfort are of paramount importance to me. I fully acknowledge the profundity of therapy as a personal process and journey of self-discovery. Hence it is important that you feel comfortable with a therapeutic approach used. As you might have seen, in my practice I am fully committed to values of compassion and authenticity I fully believe in authenticity and compassion. One of the main goals of therapy is to facilitate a safe space in which you can be honest with yourself and with your therapist to find a solution that will be the most beneficial for you.

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Hypnotherapy is an evidence-based approach, in my practice, I draw on the latest research and understanding of psychology, neuroscience, mind-body medicine and Eastern and Western philosophy. 


The broad range of expertise I incorporate into my practice means that all treatments are tailored to your needs and our work together is focused on bringing the best results for you that have a direct impact on the quality of hypnotic interventions.


Below are examples of conditions hypnosis is effective for, please note the list is not exhaustive. I suggest arranging an initial consultation to find out how can I be of service.


  • Improve your study habits and grades in high school or college,

  • Understand and manage any strong emotions such as anger, sadness, or guilt,

  • Make public presentations and speeches confidently and without fear,

  • Reduce your stress,

  • Improve the quality of your sleep,

  • Lead a healthier life: exercise regularly, stop smoking, lower your blood pressure, let go of a headache, boost your immune system, balance your nutrition and weight management, 

  • Overcome procrastination,

  • Eliminate any strong and in many cases irrational fear, e.g. fear of flying, insects, heights, dentistry or surgery etc., that is preventing you from leading the life you want,

  • Speed up recovery from surgery and more,

  • Perform consistently "in the zone" in your sport such as golf, tennis, soccer, or basketball.