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Despite a huge range of resources on meditation and mindfulness and ever-growing evidence of the benefits reported by world-leading research facilities, athletes, psychotherapists, entrepreneurs, authors and public figures, I have encountered loads of people who do not know where or how and where to start or simply do not fully grasp powerful benefits of the practice.

I aim to share the knowledge and experience I gathered over the past years. I apply principles of mindfulness and brief mindful interventions in all areas of my work whether it is psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, coaching, teaching, studying, learning skills coaching or learning design. In order to achieve this, I run a meditation podcast, you can listen to it on your favourite platforms including Spotify and Apple Podcast. 


Meditation has been a subject of scientific investigation over the last several decades. Research repeatedly demonstrates that meditation has a positive impact on cognition. People who regularly practice meditation benefits from an increased volume of grey matter increased cerebral blood flow and brain volume. Which consequently enables meditators to have an increased ability to sustain focus. It has been observed that people who practise any type of meditation have their level of serotonin and dopamine increased. Multiple studies have demonstrated that engagement in a practice increases cortical folding, which is essential for the brain’s information processing speed. Researchers suggest that the extent of gyrification is positively correlated with intelligence.

Meditating Together



I offer bespoke meditation training, I focus on guiding you to your natural state of mind and teach you how to manage and navigate through the meanders of your mind. Should you be interested in meditation training, please do contact me to arrange an initial discussion.


You may have an idea of what meditation is, you may not. You may assume what meditation is about, maybe you think that it is about stopping your thoughts and clearing your mind. You may think it is sitting still in silence. You may think that you should meditate, you may think that there are some special rituals you need to perform to meditate effectively. You may have an idea of what an effective meditation is. You may have never meditated before or maybe you meditated sporadically. Maybe, you felt that your meditation was successful, maybe not. Maybe you have meditated for a while and felt you reached a plateau. Maybe, you have meditated for a while and feel you would benefit from some focus on ethics and expand your knowledge on philosophy and science behind meditation. Whenever you are on your journey I offer bespoke meditation training adjusted to your specific needs.


Putting it simply, the goal of meditation is to allow us to be present, to focus on what unfolds at the moment when it unfolds, right before our eyes. The goal of meditation is to settle our minds and body to a natural condition and become aware, free of judgement, free from assumptions. Although it is a journey to discover it, your natural state of mind is always available to you. During these coaching sessions, you will learn how to harness the power of your mind.

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Meditation is a powerful tool empowering you to look at what is happening in your mind without judgment, assumptions, attachments. Meditation is a powerful stress-reduction tool and has a positive impact on the happiness level. Despite the profundity of the experience, meditation is also fun, especially when done together. Click below or visit the shop to select an option that suits your needs best. 

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