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I am an experienced trainer, over last 13 years I have been actively engaged in design, development and implementation of a broad range of training resources. My experience as a trainer, learning designer and a coach enabled me to gain a unique perspective and successfully apply my expertise.


The simplest rule that grew to become my underpinning training philosophy is 'garbage in, garbage out'.

When it comes to the training standards, the garbage in, garbage out rule means that the quality of training provided is strongly correlated with the quality of the output i.e. behaviour change of delegates atte. It is essential that all 

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For more information regarding benefits of meditation I invite you to search for articles stored in a knowledgebase where I share the links to open access scholarly articles on the subject where you can learn more about meditation on your own pace. 

Meditation has a positive impact on cognition. People who regularly practice meditation benefits from an increased volume of grey matter, increased cerebral blood flow and brain volume, which enables meditators to have an increased ability to sustain focus.


It has been observed that people who practice any type of meditation have their level of serotonin and dopamine increased.


Multiple studies have demonstrated that engagement in a practice increases cortical folding, which is essential for brain’s information processing speed. Researchers suggest that the extent of gyrification is positively correlated with intelligence.

I have encountered a great number of people who would like to benefit from the practice of meditation, but are not quite sure where to start, or already started by are not quite sure if they are fully engaged in the practice. 

My goal is to create a community of practice, where everyone can find some useful tricks, firstly to start the practice, secondly to carry out practice on their own. The online guided meditation practice focuses on development of tools that are essential to find a deeper peace with yourself and to deal with stress and anxiety that we face on daily basis. 

I use a broad range of techniques adapted from various school of thoughts, mainly based within Vipassana practice. The community of practice and live guided meditations are free of charge, and everyone is welcomed to join me. 

I also offer a bespoke meditation coaching, please get in touch to find out more about my offer.

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