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I’m guessing you are reading these words because there is a part of you that is longing for something to be different. Maybe you have never felt good enough. Maybe you have been experiencing physical or emotional pain. Maybe you are experiencing an internal conflict. Maybe you feel you are torn apart. There may be some areas of your life that are going just well, but there may be these unwanted things, things that don’t make any sense to you, things that affects you in ways you would like to change. 


Whatever brought you here, I want you to know that we all are looking for directions, for the right path to improve the way we feel, a recipe for a good life. With the right support, you can literally go through anything that life throws at you. With the right support, you can literally change you mind. 


With the right support, you can gain control over your life, you can recharge your inner strength and all the resources you have. With the right support you can restore balance, experience wellbeing and begin to feel how you want to feel. And I do look forward to supporting you.


I offer you a safe, genuine and non-judgmental space where you can explore who you really are. Your comfort and safety are of paramount importance to me. Contact me to arrange a comfortable and confidential no obligation first session. There is great value in simply assessing where you are, where you would like to be and you can decide if I am the right fit to accompany you on your journey.



Please take some time to look at the diagram below, explaining what values are essential to all strands of my practice.


Acceptance - As C.G. Jung once said 'What you resist, persist', one of the most important components of gaining and sustaining a broadly understood happiness is acceptance. In fact, not accepting the world around us, pushing away what is being present to us in every single moment is an act of war against ourselves. In my practice I help people finding their way to make a peace with themselves and accept life just as it is. 
Challenge - The best learning occur when you step out of your comfort zone, although it may not be pleasant at times, in fact, the challenge can be a matter of stress management. Managing stress is often a matter of what you make out of stressors and how you perceive an impact of challenge onto your life. A great body of research indicates that pushing your body and brain has a profound and positive influence over your life. A 2010 study on a representative sample of Americans found out that these people who viewed stress as a facilitative factor have 43% lower chance of dying prematurely. I strive to support people finding their sweet spot in between too little and too much challenge to sustain a long-term commitment to self-fulfilment.

Exploration - Heraclitus once said that change is the only constant in life. As we move through our lives, a landscape in which we operate is a subject of never-ending changes. In order to adapt to the ever-changing world, we need to be in touch with ourselves. Does the set of values, beliefs, opinions hold true, hold meaning, add values to our lives or are our values, beliefs and opinions source of suffering? Whilst working with me, you will have opportunity to undergo a deep explorations of who you are, where are you and where you want to go, which is a first step that enables you to make a plan on how to get there. 

Control - “Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.” - Viktor Frankl

Although we do not have any control over what life throws at us, we can control our behaviour and our responses. It is hard to think and feel empowered to make good decisions in life, when there are so many bad things happen all around us. And it may just sound simply, easy or even unrealistic to say that we have control, but I think that everyone is capable to gain some degree of control over their life. It is up to us whether we see a glass half-full or half-empty.

Compassion - Compassion lies at the heart of many schools of thoughts including various types of Buddhism. The libraries are full of books devoted to this particular subject, the recent decades have seen an advancement of the western approach to compassion through the development of Compassion-based therapy. In essence, it means that all human beings have the right to pursue their happiness. Compassion is a heartwarming feeling that we can direct towards others. It simply means that similarly to ourselves, there are other people who feel, experience, strive for love and happiness. Compassion is a force that has a strong bonding effect. While one experiences a deep sense of compassion, one does not have the capacity to experience hatred, fear or disgust to other human beings. Compassion lies at the heart of my practice regardless of the type of service. 

Authenticity - Finally, we reached the core of all values that constitute the philosophy of my practice. We all at times feel torn apart. We are complex and multidimensional individuals, therefore we may experience pull from different directions. At times we may feel expectations set by our social circles that are not necessarily aligned with our own needs. Sometimes, we may feel the pull that comes from within. You may even experience a kind of duality and find yourself having an internal dialogue as if there were multiple driving forces simultaneously living within you. Regardless of your experience, I offer a safe space, where you can explore who you really are, free of judgement, criticism. I am here to work with you to discover what unfolds just before your eyes and meet you wherever you are, whoever you are. 

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